We offer Tru-Vue brand glass with the following options:

Premium Clear
A basic level glass that is suitable for artwork being displayed in a light-controled area. This glass blocks 45% of UV light, reflects less than 8% of light (glare), and has a greater than 90% light transmission (clarity).

Conservation Clear- UV protection
This glass is ideal for preserving fragile pieces such as old photographs or newspaper clippings, or pieces that are hanging in a room or area that gets lots of sunlight. This glass blocks 99% of UV light to protect against fading, has less than 8% of light reflection (glare), and greater than 89% light transmission (clarity).

Conservation Reflection Control- Non Glare
Non Glare glass is used on images that recieve a large amount of direct light, either from sun or an artificial light source. This glass blocks 99% of UV light to prevent fading, has a special coating that reflects 8% of light in a scattered direction to reduce glare, and allows 90% light transmission.

Museum Glass
Museum glass is ideal for valuable works of art, or artwork with a great amount of detail. It truly appears as if there is no glass at all and offers maximum protection for any material. Museum Glass blocks 99% of UV light and has less than 1% light reflection (glare). It has a greater than 96% light transmission for the best brightness and contrast and a special optical coating for exceptional clarity and true colors.

Tru-Vue Acrylite (Plexiglass) is also available in the same grades with similar levels of protection.

This information was collected from the manufacturer website. For more information please visit Tru-Vue

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