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At Frame of Mind we like to switch our gallery out with the change of the seasons to bring our customers a variety of artists and styles of artwork throughout the year. Our Currently exhibiting artists are listed below. Sign up for our e-mail list to recieve notices about new gallery shows. We also elminate the guess work of buying a item as personal as art by offering gift cards and allowing customers to take artwork home on approval to see if it works in their home before spending a dime.

miki aalseth
Miki Aalseth, Oils
sahin altug
Sahin Mehmet Altug, Mixed Media
suzie barry
Suzie Barry, Mosaics
patti bartol
Patti Bartol, Watercolors
sandy batton
Sandy Batton, Pottery
linda hollet bazouzi
Linda Hollet-Bazouzi, Oils and Acrylics
Becca, Acrylics
canan boomer
Canan Boomer, Acrylics
deborah cavanaugh
Deborah Cavanaugh

Michael Colligon, Photography
anthony creech
Anthony Creech, Watercolors
Dexter, Metal Sculpture
annette dannhauser
Annette Dannhauser, Acrylics
ginger edwards
Ginger Edwards, Watercolors
nancy foley
Nancy Foley, Acrylics and Watercolors
vicki foster
Vicki Foster, Oils
Ginger, Birdhouses
exum griffin
Exum Griffin, Photography
cherie haney
Cherie Haney, Cut Metal Decor
dee justin
Dee Justin, Watercolors and Acrylics
annie laurie
Annie Laurie, Motivational Prints
david leahy
David Leahy, Photography
bob mattauch
Bob Mattauch, Watercolors
bunny mccaffrey
Bunny McCaffrey, Oils
charlotte munning
Charlotte Munning, Raku Pottery
maria reardon
Maria Reardon, Pastels
washington r
Washington Rhimbhota, Beaded Wire Sculpture
craig rudlin
Craig Rudlin, Photography
kenneth smiegowski
Kenneth Smiegowski, Photography
shawna spangler
Shawna Spangler, Pastels
brenda bickerstaff stanley
Brenda Bickerstaff-Stanley, Oils and Watercolors
sylvia stivers
Sylvia Stivers, Watercolors
laura trevey
Laura Trevey, watercolors
lori wilson
Lori Wilson, Watercolors

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