eggplant and lime

A linen liner is basically a wooden frame that is covered with linen fabric in a white, beige, or black color. Linen liners are typically, but not always, used on oil paintings for a traditional look, to brighten up a piece, or to give the feel of a matboard where a paper mat cannot be used.

butterflies and dragonflies

A fillet is a thin decorative piece of moulding that cannot stand by itself, but is instead inserted inside a matboard or frame. This not only helps to tie the frame in with the image, but also gives a more formal appearance and adds an extra architectural element to a matboard selection.


Though spacers can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, matboard, or fomecore, they all serve the same fundamental purpose: to provide space and protection between artwork and glass or to provide a visual element of space inside the frame. Spacers are used in shadowbox presentations to allow 3-dimensional pieces to be mounted without being mashed an distorted, and are also used on pastels to allow any flakes to fall behind the matboard instead of on it.

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